Me  Jane

Australian designer and illustrator with a strong background in print, bespoke stationery and a love of watercolours.

Print has been a part of my life since day dot, having been born into the newspaper business as the daughter of the editor and owner of one of the last remaining independent rural publications in Australia. With their own press on-site, the smell of ink being pressed onto paper through a printer the length of a semi-trailer became a hallmark of my childhood.


Coming from a long line of journalists, it was always going to be either journalism or design for me. So, after completing a Bachelor of Journalism with no intention of ever putting it to any use, I made the inevitable switch to design.

I went on to study at the CATC School of Design in Melbourne where I was inspired by my illustration teacher to pursue painting with watercolours. Since then, rosie cheeks and disproportionate waistlines have been a happy side-gig whilst also working full time as a designer in Melbourne and, more recently, London.

My experience in Melbourne as a greeting card designer for Henderson Greetings allowed me the creative freedom to design cards from concept to finish, both illustrating and writing the verses - a job that never felt like work.

After almost three years of making greeting cards, I made the move to London to further pursue stationery design. I found myself stumbling into another dream job, designing for the Mayfair based luxury stationers, The Wren Press. As the holder of two Royal Warrants, The Wren Press boasts a prestigious clientele. Here I became rehearsed in the art of engraving and was able to explore the beauty of personalised stationery - a tradition the British continue to master.

Having recently returned to Australia, I have thrown myself back into my passion project of custom illustrations, something I hope to have the good fortune to be able to continue to do always.

For more information, or for enquiries regarding custom design or illustration rates and availability, please don't hesitate to get in touch here.

Jane Dunnet
Design & Illustration